Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anno Nuovo - Vita Nuova

Ciao a tutti,

Happy New Year to everyone, Buon Anno Nuovo!!!

Italians have this saying "Anno Nuovo, Vita Nuova," which translates into "New Year, New Life."

And it couldn't be more true for me this year in my life and in the life of this blog. I have enjoyed sharing so many of my thoughts, experiences, photos, videos, laughs, etc. with you over the past few years that I have been blogging. It has been fun for me and I wouldn't have traded it.

I have grown so much from the experience and have come to get to know so many more people better and have developed some great friendships that I know I will keep with me.

You may have gathered that I will not be posting to this blog anymore, but the good news is that the reason is because I will be doing so many other things. I have signed with a manager for my solo singing career, and it is something that I has always been a dream of mind to do it in a bigger way than I have been, and now is finally the time.

So with that, I will need to focus my energies and transfer my energies to other things. But I am hoping that we will not only still keep in touch, but that we will actually get to be in contact more with such tools as, now that I am on there, and Myspace, and Twitter,... and of course, my new website,

Of course, my hope and trust is that I will be getting to meet some of you in person as I travel the world singing some of your's and my favorite songs and tell stories like I enjoy doing. Whether I am writing stories or telling them as I have done on the radio or live through the
"Filippo and the Chef" shows, and concerts in the past, I hope to be doing more and more of it.

I can assure you that my "Italian-American Experiences" don't end here just because I have stopped posting to the blog. I have a feeling they will get even more exciting and more interesting. I will have to find a different way and or place to post them. In the meantime, I plan on leaving this blog on-line for all to continue to enjoy and post comments etc., for as long as possible.

I thank you all for having been with me through this phase of "Filippo's Experiences," and I hope and trust you will continue to be part of my life and I yours, through the next phase of experiences. I wish you all a Happy New Year and Happy New Life, IF YOU SO CHOOSE THAT, and remind you all to do the best you can to live out your dreams as well.

Con affetto per voi tutti (with affection for you all),


P.S. With that, I post this video of me singing on PBS, with full orchestra the song,
"It's Impossible."