Saturday, December 09, 2006

Veronica Agostini - Beauty Painting Beauty

Ciao a tutti,

I hinted in my last post about me going to an art showing. It was an exhibition of an up and coming Italian born artist Veronica Agostini. I did not know her before meeting her that night but quickly felt so intimate with her after having spent just a few minutes in conversation and several minutes in front of her expressive, emotional evocative artwork.

It was her and "Freedom" I went to see and come to know. That is the artwork shown here that has become famous in it's own right, among other things, being used as the cover of Angelino Magazine.

It was an honor to get to stand in front of the painting and take a picture or two or three with the artist Veronica herself.

My friend Michael was taking the
pictures and as far as I was concerned
none of them were coming out right so we had to keep taking them.

I could have taken more pictures for at least a few hours but I think
Veronica caught on after ten or so pictures that it wasn't about the pictures anymore.

Here are Veronica and I arguing about it and me trying to be transparent and acting like I don't know what she is talking about.

I'm still trying to figure out what I was pointing at on this one.

Here we are standing in front of "Pensieri."

Now of course, seeing how much fun we were having taking pictures, my friend Michael, my "Photographer" for the evening wanted to be in front of the camera, not behind it. Veronica graciously agreed, even though she had lots of patrons waiting for a moment with her.

Michael picked the painting and Veronica disagreed with his choice. I was in agreement with Michael, I thought it was an excellent choice and for that matter an amazing painting.

Veronica gave in saying, "My Father will be happy." And hence, the name of the painting is "Hi Dad." On a serious note it is interesting to note that Veronica was born in Rome into an old established Roman family with a long history of artists and professionals, most of whom have followed their chosen careers to distant parts of the world. Like most of them she too is doing the same with her vocation here in Los Angeles.

Not only that she is in the process of
writing a book on her life as an artist. For more on Veronica, besides her website at you can visit her myspace page at

Here is a picture of some of Veronica's patrons who were trying to buy an art piece in the midst of all this going on. To say we all had fun is an understatement.

A lot of art was sold that night including "Freedom" which I was sad to see go, it was the original too.

She does have some prints however of two different works, "The Orange Soul," not pictured here, and "The Opening Can," pictured below.

And speaking of patrons, this art exhibition was held in the warm and welcoming Los Feliz home of the effervescent hostess Joanne Daly. It was wonderful of her to have such an invent which also included the works of Carolyn McDonald and Samantha Maclachlan.

Here is Joanne standing in front of the Veronica Agostini art pieces she had bought from the show in her own home.

Here is Joanne showing us exactly how she feels about being the owner of these two pieces or art incidentally titled "Pan," and "Lovers."

Finally, Joanne went so far as to invite yet another artist to the event and in this case it was Jason Luckett who did an exhibition of his own with his original music. Incidentally, he is seated in front of one of my other favorite piece of Veronica's "The Opening Can."

I would say that this was a very successful event and I look forward to seeing a lot more of Veronica's art and a lot more of her, for that matter, the "Beauty who paints Beauty."



P.S. Though many of the songs Jason performed that night caught my ear, this one that I later happily found on was one I knew I would include here, why? The Italian connection of course, the song is called "Under a Roman Sky." (In English)

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groovyacousticsoul said...

Thanks Filippo! That's a perfect song to include here. It was written last year at my sister's wedding to my Italian brother-in-law in Rome. Please let your friends know I'm doing a show two days after Christmas in LA to celebrate a new poetry anthology I appear in called Voices from Leimert Park. I'll also be up in Ventura New Years weekend. All the info's on my site It was great to meet you at Joanne's.