Friday, March 07, 2008

Tutto Verde (All Green) - The Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

Ciao a tutti,

Last week I was invited to the 5th Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar Party by a couple friends of mine, Janet Baghoomian and Antoine Bonsorte. Yes, one of them is Italian, can you guess which one.

In fact, remember in one of my last posts I was speaking about the Italian-French connection and of a family who moved from Italy to France? Well, Antonie's family did the same, and so he too speaks better French than Italian.

But in whatever language you listen to him speak, he is an artist par excellence (French word, right?, he, he). Check out his work at

At any rate, it was a great event, and Antoine wasn't the only Italian there. I ran into many, including my friend and actress Jodi London from Chicago.

Of course it was a star studded event ala Hollywood and the Oscar Parties, but in this case instead of a "red" carpet, they had a "green" carpet. Global Green is all about promoting smart solutions to global warming, and the event was to benefit global green's climate change initiatives, including the green rebuilding of New Orleans.

Unlike at other events, this time I hung out mainly with my friends and managed to get only pictures of me and them, which was just fine with me.

I did get a shot with fellow Italian-American actor and TV show host Mark DeCarlo who I always enjoy running into and various events, both Italian and Socially Conscious ones. Mark is working on a new show and he told us soon that he would tell us all about it. So, I look forward to that.

We got to enjoy a performance by Italian-Brasilian singer Michael Franti. See the video below of actual footage from the event.

So here's to a greener world,


P.S. Below is the video of Italian- Brasilian singer Michael Franti I found on
of his performance at this year's Global Green Pre-Oscar Party. (In English)

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