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An Good Old Fashioned Christmas - With A Good Old Fashoned Band CD

Ciao a tutti,

With just a few more days till Christmas I don't know if you can get this CD in time for your Christmas stockings, but if you are looking for Good Old Fashioned Music for a Good Old Fashioned Christmas, this is a must.

Now, this is one of the two CDs I mentioned in the previous post. This one is of a friend Composer/Band Leader/Horn Player Paul Frederick and his friend Singer Val Peterson called "the Venture Capital Follies of 1929." Now, none of these are Christmas songs, but boy will it take you back to some good old fashioned times.

Being in the music industry myself, you would think that I wouldn't have been so surprised when I heard it for the first time how much it sounded as if it was recorded in 1929, except for the scratchy record, he, he.

Instead of me carrying on, I borrowed the words off the CDBABY website where the CD could be purchased and am posting them here.

I’m pleased to present "The Venture Capital Follies of 1929", featuring an innovative sound and recording process that brings the jazz inspired pop music of the 1920’s to life in a way never before heard.

This uniquely American musical art form was born from an era in which attitudes about morality and authority were challenged on every front – from hemlines to prohibition. These songs were the battle call of a generation. Twenty piece orchestras and sparkling vocalists brought the music to life in clubs and dance halls.

Because of the limitations of sound recording of that time, the life and vitality of the orchestration and arrangements were reduced to a homogenized, thin, grainy sound – what we normally think of when we consider music from this era.

This CD however is a live, state of the art recording – with a difference. Conventional techniques record each section seperately and them combine

them in the mixing process. The GKM Newport Orchestra, a 20 piece

orchestra with featured vocalist Valerie Peterson, performs each piece

live with individual mics and high fidelity recording that ensures not one

note of one artist in the ensemble is lost. The result is an incomparable, alive, vibrant sound not heard for decades, and in fact never before heard in a 1920’s recording.



August 25 - (Los Angeles) – Long After Lunch Music today announced the release of “The Venture Capital Follies of 1929”. The album is a collection of songs popular in the 1920’s, re-arranged and recorded earlier this year featuring Los Angeles-based musicians Paul Frederick and Val Peterson. The album represents a rare venture to recreate the sound and style of the late 20s musical era.

"We are very excited to pay tribute to the wonderful songwriters and musicians from this era who had such a huge impact on popular music throughout the rest of the century," said saxophonist Frederick, who produced, arranged and performed on all 12 tracks. Val Peterson’s authentic, stylistic vocals complete the album’s unique atmosphere. "These selections fit well with many of today's retro film, television, and commercial productions but have been very hard to find in any music library," she added.

“We were fascinated by the idea of doing a period recording that would convey real time sound. The limitations of recording technology back then made all those old recordings sound slightly shrill, thin, grainy & faster than an authentic performance. We’ve faithfully rendered the 20’s style with excellent sound quality,” adds Frederick. “Now you can hear all the subtleties of these layered orchestrations, not just a wash of sound.”

“The Venture Capital Follies of 1929” was recorded by an authentic 20 piece Orchestra in a state of the art Hollywood studio, with some of Los Angeles’ finest session musicians. It features selections that defined the “Gatsby” decade. Tracks like "Plucky Lindy’s Lucky Day" and “I’m In The Market For You” reflect the whimsical novelty songs popular at the time, while tracks like the lush “I’m Confessin’” and dreamy “Pretending” have taken their place in the standard repertoire. With elements of Dixieland, classical, and jazz, the overall effect is that of a sophisticated, carefree culture on the brink of change.

Peterson has been singing jazz in clubs up and down the West Coast for 10 years, has released two CD as a singer/songwriter, and can be heard on many film and television productions. “Since I was classically trained, I couldn’t wait to work on a project that bridged so many genres. These arrangements are so meaty, and there’s no feeling like the power of a live orchestra playing behind you.”

Frederick adds, “Having composed music on over 35 film & television productions, it felt right to go ‘live’ again.” Some of his credits include VH1: Behind the Music series, Emmy nominated TV movie, “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” and "Cowboy Up (Inside The Extreme World Of Bull Riding),”

This CD can be purchased with a full color Art Deco style booklet at CDbaby.com, or the tracks can be downloaded from Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, and Yahoo. It can be special ordered from 2,400 music retailer throughout the world. All tracks are also available for film, television, and commercial licensing.

Paul Frederick is a third generation musician/band leader based in Los Angeles. Specializing in saxophone and clarinet, he regularly performs and records all over the country as well as composing and arranging music for a variety of projects. He has taught composing classes for the DWW at AFI, and is published with Warner Brothers and Alfred Publications.

“We plan on releasing a follow up album with over 20 new arrangements of other fabulous 1920’s song that we have been performing live, both vintage and new originals in the 20’s style. We also are developing a release of original material in the style of Louie Prima and Nat King Cole,” reveals Frederick.

Long After Lunch is a music production company in Los Angeles, California. Housing a music library for licensing, compose original scores for film and television, and produce albums."

Whether you get this CD in time for Christmas or not, it will be something that those of you who remember hearing this music playing in your grandparent's house or your parent's house will enjoy reminiscing. Or those of you who might never have heard this music before and like this kind of music will have hours of enjoyment for years to come.


P.S. I found this video of the singer Val Peterson on Youtube.com and guess what, Paul Frederick was in it too, what a coincidence. Enjoy. (English)

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